Losses Of Being A Worker In The Staffing Agency

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Looking for a job now is indeed quite difficult even though you already have a bachelor’s degree. You may have heard of a staffing agency where you are bound to work with one company but you work with another company. Yes, this is what Defender Services does. Usually, there are several types of jobs sought by staffing agencies. However, not all workers feel good about this type of work because there are some losses that can be obtained, such as:

1. There is no career path
Workers must indeed be prepared to follow company regulations. As staffing agency workers they must accept a contract system from the company, which conditions will make it difficult for every worker to get a higher position and even impossible. This condition finally placed the staffing agency employee position only as a company worker who did not have a career path.

2. Unclear tenure
Staffing agency workers are very vulnerable to being victims of layoffs. The company can even dismiss and terminate the staffing agency employee’s employment if the company is in a state of collapse or bankruptcy.

3. Welfare is not guaranteed
In another case, if you become a permanent employee, employees with staffing agency status are usually not so well paid attention to the welfare of the company. One example is companies usually will not provide benefits to staffing agency workers. With the amount of salary that is not too large and the absence of benefits, it will certainly reduce the welfare of every staffing agency employee.

4. Limited income
With an income that is not too large and very limited every month, often makes the lives of contract employees can not get a better life. Especially if the company’s condition is not good, then the threat of layoffs will be more apparent and income can be zero.

5. Unclear wage deductions
The lack of transparency in cutting staff wage staffing agencies further reduces the level of welfare. Cutting wages, which on average can reach up to 30% of workers’ wages, will certainly also complicate the conditions of workers with this contract status.

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that being a staffing agency worker is indeed not a good enough choice. However, generally, they will only accept because there is no other choice. Also because of the large economic demands and the lack of job vacancies forced many people who finally decided to become staffing agency workers. Again, economic factors become one of the reasons for some people to accept a profession even though the profession is not the desired profession.

Don’t Do These If You Are a Trader

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Getting a lot of money in a short amount of time is what everyone wants, but it’s certainly not easy. Today, trading is not only a filler of free time, but it has become a major occupation for some people. Learning Tape reading is a must and should not be missed if you want to succeed in trading. In addition, there are also things that traders should not do when looking for stocks to buy:

Trapped Cheap Stocks, Yet Not Potential
It’s business law, an investor wants to get a cheap price and sell when prices are high. No exception in the world of shares. Unfortunately, many novice investors misunderstand this investment strategy by taking shares at low prices, but in truth, these stocks come from bad companies. The thing that encourages novice investors to buy shares at low prices is because of limited capital. Many novice investors buy lots of small-value shares in the hope that they can make a lot of money, even though this kind of investment tends to be detrimental.
The return on your investment level does not depend on how many shares you hold but on the future of the company whose shares are in your hands. Greater opportunities to make a profit can be obtained if you buy a few superior shares rather than buying thousands of coins.

Trapped Short-Term Risky Transactions
Short-term transactions (short selling) are indeed tempting. You can imagine if you have big capital in just a few minutes, you can reap millions of rupiah profit with a system like this. But in truth, transactions like this are very time-consuming, energy, and emotional. Beyond that, the risks that threaten are also relatively large. Fluctuating prices quickly demand the ability of experienced stock investors and can control their emotions to make transactions at the right time. Profit in a short time with a transaction model like this would be very risky. Indeed For maximum results, the stock market almost always produces positive returns in the long run, namely in the range of three years or more.

Easy to Carry Panic Situation
Panic selling is an event that occurs because investors are excited about falling stock prices. In the panic selling phenomenon, investors want to immediately release their shares regardless of price, for fear that prices will fall even further. This action is triggered by emotion and fear rather than rational analysis. Avoid selling shares because of panic. Analyze the stock you want to sell, whether the stock is fundamentally still worth holding. Remember! Having a good stock is like having a small part of a good and bona fide company. Why should you sell it at a cheap price?

3 Tips to Keep Windshield Bright

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Many motorcycles have received windshield from the factory. The point is, of course, to protect the rider from insects, dirt and also the wind. So choose the best windshield, like the best windshield for 1800 goldwing because windshield has so many benefits. The not only windshield from the manufacturer, but some two-wheeled users can also add their windshield to their motorbikes.

For that, windshields need to get maintenance to keep it clean and also not easily damaged. Windshield-making materials are usually polycarbonate or acrylic, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, we can not avoid scratches on the windshield because the windshield function protects us from objects or small objects in front.

There are several ways to maintain and clean the windshield to keep it pleasant when viewed and can also carry out its duties, protecting the rider.

Windshield made from polycarbonate material is said to be stronger than acrylic material. Acrylic is more fragile and makes scratches easier. Therefore to clean an acrylic windshield, it is advisable not to use liquids that are abrasive or contain harsh materials.

To clean windshield from acrylic material, use warm water that is given soap or cleaning liquid. To make it easier, use cleaning fluid that is specifically for cleaning plastic materials and avoid materials such as petroleum or oily materials because they can damage the coating.

Although polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic, cleaning agents containing abrasive and abrasive materials are also not recommended, friend, so that windshields can last longer.

And this is how to clean the windshield that you can try yourself.

1. Soak the Cleaning Cloth and Put it on the Windshield

The first thing to do to clean a windshield is to soak a towel or chamois in water and put it in the windshield and let stand for 15 minutes.

Let stand until it dries and the dirt on the windshield sticks to the cloth. Remember, do not wipe to avoid scratching the windshield.

2. Wipe with a soft cloth

After cleaning it with a wet cloth, use a microfiber cloth, towel or other soft cloth to wipe the windshield.

This method is useful for cleaning up the dirt left on the windshield and of course, it’s easier to clean because stubborn dirt has been lifted.

To be cleaner, use a special plastic cleaning fluid because it is friendly to the windshield from polycarbonate and acrylic.

3. Use Special Fluids to Protect

Once it feels clean, you can use a special liquid that serves to provide additional protection to the windshield.

Avoid using abrasive liquids so they don’t leave streaks on the windshield.

There Are so Many Good Watches

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Nowadays, there is much good information that you read on the internet. Some of good information that people may want to read is about this fabulous Wenger. You may wonder about what kind of information that you will read on this website. Thus, we are introducing our brand new watches for you. We always want to please our customers and readers. As readers, you may want to get a lot of information about the articles that you read on the internet. That is why we are here for you in order to present a few of information about our products.

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