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Apartments can indeed be a good place for children, but at the same time, they can also be dangerous. Kopar @ Newton can be the best apartment you can live in with your little family.

If you have small children in the apartment, then make sure to maintain safety by ensuring the following:

1. Avoid Cable and Socket Children
Unlike houses, apartments are controlled by higher management, and buildings don’t always follow personal standards. If you live in an older building, electrical sockets might be more dangerous.

One of the most important child safety tips to do is to make the apartment safe. Keep all cables out of sight, preferably secured to the wall. Save all unused sockets. Make sure children understand that they should not touch the socket or pull the cable.

2. Pay attention to Hazardous Areas
Windows and doors always create problems for young children just learning to walk and those who are interested in exploring the environment. If you live on a high floor, this danger zone is very important. Make sure that the windows have a security lock if they are not within your reach.

If you have a balcony, make sure everything is closed tightly with nets, gates or wood. Be careful with patio furniture that will be easy for a child to climb. Keep the furniture as far away from the edge as possible. Children must not be left alone on the balcony under any circumstances.

3. Beware of Foreigners
It is a good idea to introduce yourself and your children to all neighbors. This will ensure that children can better differentiate between neighbors and strangers.
It also makes it easier for neighbors to help watch over Little One.

If someone knows you and your little one, they will surely realize if they see your child with someone else. Instruct children not to enter other residents’ apartments without permission. Your child may want to greet the residents of the building he often sees, and this is no problem, but warn them to be careful of people they don’t know.

Even if you have a page that you think is safe, don’t let children play outside without supervision. That’s too big a risk for their safety.

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