What Are The Weaknesses Of Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing is one business model that only has a small capital or does not have products to sell or offer affiliate website. Someone who has succeeded in pursuing an affiliate marketing business can certainly generate hundreds to millions of rupiah per month depending on how much their intention and effort. While affiliate marketing for beginners does have a lot to learn and is also diligent in running this business. So don’t underestimate this simple business model.

Of course, this business model has many advantages. There are many advantages of this business, such as not having production costs, low initial costs, not needing a license, being able to sell anything, and so on. However, there are still advantages so there are disadvantages. These shortcomings need to be considered to avoid failures that are likely to occur later.

Then, what are the shortcomings of Affiliate Marketing?

1 Your Income Depends on Other Parties – Before you become an Affiliate Marketer, of course, you have to go through a registration process that requires you to play by the rules set by the merchant, including matters regarding how you get income usually will be in those rules.

2 You Don’t Build An Asset (Customer Data) – Because all the processes, whether the order recap, shipping and so on have been handled by the merchant, you will gradually realize that you don’t have any customer data such as name, email, etc. shopping on the web You. Even though in business, it is the most valuable asset.

3 Must Compete with Other Affiliate Marketers – Tight competition will occur among fellow Affiliate Marketers because they all sell the same product or service. This will be different if you become a product owner.

Although Affiliate Marketing has several shortcomings, this program remains an attractive program for most people who do not have to bother taking care of and think about product production and so on. Affiliate Marketing is also good business and is suitable for beginners in the internet marketing world.