Losses Of Being A Worker In The Staffing Agency

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Looking for a job now is indeed quite difficult even though you already have a bachelor’s degree. You may have heard of a staffing agency where you are bound to work with one company but you work with another company. Yes, this is what Defender Services does. Usually, there are several types of jobs sought by staffing agencies. However, not all workers feel good about this type of work because there are some losses that can be obtained, such as:

1. There is no career path
Workers must indeed be prepared to follow company regulations. As staffing agency workers they must accept a contract system from the company, which conditions will make it difficult for every worker to get a higher position and even impossible. This condition finally placed the staffing agency employee position only as a company worker who did not have a career path.

2. Unclear tenure
Staffing agency workers are very vulnerable to being victims of layoffs. The company can even dismiss and terminate the staffing agency employee’s employment if the company is in a state of collapse or bankruptcy.

3. Welfare is not guaranteed
In another case, if you become a permanent employee, employees with staffing agency status are usually not so well paid attention to the welfare of the company. One example is companies usually will not provide benefits to staffing agency workers. With the amount of salary that is not too large and the absence of benefits, it will certainly reduce the welfare of every staffing agency employee.

4. Limited income
With an income that is not too large and very limited every month, often makes the lives of contract employees can not get a better life. Especially if the company’s condition is not good, then the threat of layoffs will be more apparent and income can be zero.

5. Unclear wage deductions
The lack of transparency in cutting staff wage staffing agencies further reduces the level of welfare. Cutting wages, which on average can reach up to 30% of workers’ wages, will certainly also complicate the conditions of workers with this contract status.

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that being a staffing agency worker is indeed not a good enough choice. However, generally, they will only accept because there is no other choice. Also because of the large economic demands and the lack of job vacancies forced many people who finally decided to become staffing agency workers. Again, economic factors become one of the reasons for some people to accept a profession even though the profession is not the desired profession.